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Career Coaching



Whether you’re in transition, looking for your next challenge, ready to step into your boss’s shoes or ready to break through the glass ceiling, Jobprofile can help you take your career to the next level.

Our personalized programs are tailored to your needs. As the sessions progress, you’ll develop your professional identity and build a long-term strategy to optimize your employability.

Our definition of coaching is similar to that of a “sparring partner“. As with the preparation of an athlete, our role is to provide you with concrete, immediately applicable solutions to help you achieve your goals, thanks to our tools, our market experience and our active listening.

Success and job satisfaction are achieved by people who:

  • understand and master their positioning, 
  • detect changes in their environment, 
  • create opportunities for themselves, 
  • learn from their mistakes 
  • and take control of their employability. 

Jobprofile individual coaching identifies the added value of each profile and allows each person to find their professional and personal balance. Helping you to find meaning in your job and make a difference is at the heart of our mission.

To better understand your profile and your objectives, we always offer you an initial exploratory interview.

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Coaching de carrière

Step 1


The job market has changed dramatically in recent years. The positive side of this new dynamic is a growing desire to put people “at the center” of companies and organizations.

However, between will and reality, people are questioning themselves, sometimes even suffering, and many are experiencing a loss of meaning at work.

This phenomenon is amplified by the massive implementation of new technologies such as robotization and AI.

Our program offers you the opportunity to leverage your experience to meet the demands of the future job market.

We’ll help you restore meaning to your career by imagining how to integrate your ambitions by harnessing the potential of the 3As: AI, automation and algorithms.

Step 2


It’s not easy to reinvent yourself without outside help.

A neutral, benevolent expert who knows the job market and how companies work: that’s what our coaching offers talented people who decide to take charge of their professional project.

It’s difficult to influence the future of your company or the market, but you can start right away :

  • reflect on what you have to offer,
  • assess the value of your expertise,
  • consider retraining,
  • start monitoring your field of activity,
  • start training,
  • learn to dialogue with your hierarchy,
  • reorganize your time to give the necessary impetus to your new projects.

Our advice and tools are here to help you take stock and identify the concrete, exportable value of your skills.

Step 3


Ideally, you should not wait to lose your job to start. 

Just as you should not wait until your frustration reaches irreversible heights. 

Having a “sparring partner” has a definite advantage when it comes to learning how to cope with difficulties.

Whatever the situation in your workplace:

  • managing salary negotiations,
  • solving management problems,
  • preparing annual reviews,
  • negotiating the conditions of dismissal,
  • dealing with colleagues and management,
  • developing an internal mobility strategy, etc.

Your coach is there to help you refocus, find the meaning of your career, establish a strategy, and go for it!

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And offer you direct access to experts, validated resources, cutting-edge tools, customized coaching and the latest opportunities from our network of companies before they are officially published.


  • Develop and manage your employability,
  • Evaluate your professional capital in relation to the market,
  • Develop a creative and lucid understanding of your field of activity and its trends,
  • Build your success with an objective knowledge of your know-how and your interpersonal skills,
  • Identify your added value, your UVP (Unique Value Proposition)
  • Put together a concrete application file in line with employers’ expectations
  • Attract recruiters’ attention and interest in meeting you
  • Prepare your Elevator pitch to be convincing from the very first meeting, and approach your interviews with confidence
  • Build and maintain a qualified network to guarantee a solid base of references
  • Select target companies that match your culture and values
  • Integrate a pool of verified profiles with a view to being contacted directly by recruiters

The duration and content of each program depend entirely on your ambitions and objectives.
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Coaching de carrière

Jobprofile structures its customized programs according to the specific needs of each individual. The basic sessions include the evaluation of career objectives, a skills assessment, the CV building, as well as the preparation of the full application dossier and the creation of the LinkedIn profile. 

These sessions are fundamental even if the person is not looking for a job, because they allow the candidate to work on his or her positioning, employability and added value.

In addition, Jobprofile has developed an unprecedented approach 

  • An iterative methodology with a variety of exercises specially designed to support career development.
  • Adequacy: a test based on 4 scientifically-validated models that identify the candidate’s corporate culture and that of the companies with which he or she will fit, as well as his or her personality, motivations and values.
  • Video interviews: the only practical application that prepares you for real-life job interviews like those held in the most selective environments.
  • Accessible matrices that enable you to refine your search by ranking the positions and companies that best match your profile.
  • digital platform myjobprofile to access all your tools and resources at all times, communicate, exchange documents and book your coaching sessions.

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Jobprofile also offers workshops on several themes, allowing each candidate to benefit from the stimulating effect of the group. The workshops are mainly devoted to the following themes:

  • professional identity and LinkedIn,
  • networking strategies,
  • career management and onboarding,
  • positive communication in the workplace,
  • the transition from salaried employment to independence and entrepreneurship,
  • corporate culture and organizational values
  • conflict management and prevention.


Advanced sessions are also offered as needed, depending on the profile and managerial responsibilities that may require a focus on specific elements. Here is a non-exhaustive list of topics covered:

  • Drafting and perfecting the Elevator pitch
  • Interview training and video exercises
  • Negotiation of employment conditions and salary benchmarking
  • Negotiation in case of dismissal
  • Management coaching
  • Leadership coaching
  • Continuous training needs
  • 360° Feedback assessment
  • Sparring partner coaching for executives

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Our firm has the particularity and asset of being active in the field of coaching, outplacement, corporate consulting, recruitment and headhunting.

These different angles of intervention in the job market give us a thorough knowledge of the economy fabric, its needs and its requirements.

Undertaking career coaching with Jobprofile gives you access to a unique service, that of “Reverse Recruitment”. In other words, we become ambassadors for the people we coach and whose profiles we know inside out.

We recommend you to the market and to our network in order to find the best career opportunities for you.

Coaching de carrière


If you are a candidate looking for a job, an employee or a manager, at all levels of responsibility and seniority, a consultant or freelancer, we will answer your questions and offer you an initial introductory interview. 

Our programs are also intended for companies that wish to offer their employees the means to progress in their career, to evolve internally or in case of layoff, career transition and outplacement measures.

Book an appointment now at a time that suits you best and take advantage of a free initial consultation :


How do I know if Jobprofile coaching is right for me?

A first meeting is organized in person or by video conference, to discuss and evaluate the specific needs of the person. Our approach and our proposal are explained. We also evaluate which coach would be the most appropriate according to the client’s area of expertise and request. It is fundamental that the “feeling” between the coach and the person being coached be established in order to consider a collaboration.

How does coaching work?

Whether face-to-face or remotely, our methodology is based on active listening and exercises to be done between sessions in order to achieve a concrete result at each session. The final objectives of the coaching are discussed with the coach at the beginning of the program.

In addition, we work with a digital platform that centralizes the work done and the documents between your coach and you.

What is the pace of the coaching?

You set the pace according to your possibilities. However, we recommend a session every two weeks. Less, and you probably won’t have time to do exercises and “digest” them, and more, you may have difficulties to maintain a constructive dynamic.

How long does a coaching program last?

Our experience has helped us consider three programs that reflect the most common needs: 3 months, 6 months, 12 months.

In absolute terms, a coaching program lasts as long as you feel the need. Most importantly, it depends on the goals you set. It is possible to extend a program by single sessions if necessary.

For each program, you also have access to group workshops, which makes the option for a program more financially advantageous than taking sessions one after the other.

In which languages is it possible to carry out a coaching program?

Our experts work in French, English, German or Italian.

What is the price of coaching?

We are happy to communicate our rates, which vary according to specific programs and needs, during the introductory meeting.

Is it possible to take sessions without opting for a program?

Yes, of course, it depends on the objective and your needs. You can take sessions as you go along.

Can the coaching be done remotely?

Yes, you can do the sessions remotely and define the most appropriate way of working for you and your coach.