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A team of Career Consultants.
Experts prepared to raise your game

We are Jobprofile


We invest in our clients with passion, accompanying them in their search of a significant working life. Through our expertise, a comprehensive methodology, objective assessment tools and an insightful employment market knowledge, we achieve our core mission with the following values: Coaching, Caring, Connecting.

Privileged encounters, great challenges and key accomplishments with public and private sector, innovative tools, competitive intelligence and technological watch.

Company creation in Lausanne. Major recruitment mandate for Lysis (Nagra Kudelski Group) to transform the start-up into a company of 150 employees.

SECO entrusts Jobprofile with the mandate of creating a service for jobseekers in Computer science and assist councillors in the 6 French-speaking cantons and Zurich for coaching and training validation.

Etat de Vaud’s Employment service commissions Jobprofile to create and manage Lab4Tech, a practical laboratory for jobseekers.

Massive mandate to recruit staff in IS/IT, Supply chain and Purchasing for the Nestlé Recruitment Competence Center (GLOBE project).

Jobprofile enhances its services with IKM Skills Assessments: tests designed to produce comprehensive profiles of professional knowledge.

Mandate to coach an international recruitment group in its digital transformation: business model, sharing economy, marketplace, big data, data analytics.

Mandate to coach an international recruitment group in its digital transformation: business model, sharing economy, marketplace, big data, data analytics.

Large international companies choose Jobprofile to support them in their restructuring by entrusting us with the mandate of running tailor-made outplacement programs.

Mandates of organizational culture consulting for a large public company, assisting departments through our qualitative methodology and our Culture Fit assessment tool Adequacy.

Jobprofile is committed company and developed its own Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy.

Values are what we value.

Over the years we brought together an international team of experts, united by the same purpose: to create remarkable experiences producing relevant impact, shape culture and connect people.

CEO, Founder and Owner, Career Development Consultant, Job Profiler.

Leslie Eusebe

With more than 25 years of experience in the field of recruitment and career development, I offer my business expertise, leading my clients to succeed in tackling the challenges of the fast-evolving job market. My added-value resides on a constant watch of the market and its requirements and, the passion to serve my clients and foster a lifting and positive effect on their career and global wellbeing. I designed comprehensive career development programs especially for outplacement, career transition and individual coaching, providing the tools for a new start and making a true transitional step in one’s career evolution.

Jobprofile was developed as a “one-stop shop” capable of tackling the problems and needs of companies and individuals seeking purpose and efficiency in the workplace and in their professional relationships. Jobprofile advantage lies in its human-centric workplace expertise that responds to each stage of the professional life cycle of the company and the individual: headhunting & recruitment, coaching and career transition, outplacement and redundancy, consulting in leadership & management, corporate culture, conflict management, team development, etc.

Managing Director, Culture Analytics Consultant, Social and Cultural Anthropologist (PhD)

Sandra Carmignani

Transfer cultural and social anthropology in the context of business and organizational development is my field of expertise. I carry out corporate culture diagnostics and the various actions that promote collaboration, employee engagement, change management, employee’s alignment with businesses mission and values, and their daily application. I have the conviction that any entity must know its culture and that of its members, in order to operate efficiently, dynamically and develop the commitment of its employees.

My skills are based on social science methodology, field experience (interviews, qualitative surveys, participant observation) and on my writing and analytical aptitudes. They allow me to produce high quality thinking for analysis, reports and consulting, as well as for communication and raising awareness about positive culture and workplaces. The “fieldwork” drives me: interacting with people, meeting teams and professionals, collecting stories and experiences, and helping to answer their questions is essential to me.

As Managing Director, I oversee the organization and coordination of Jobprofile services and consultants, as well as the relationship with clients and our network of talents.

Career and Leadership Development and HR Management.

Franziska Meier

Have you ever observed ants at their endeavors? As a kid, I grew up in an anthill or at least this is how it felt being surrounded by highly effective people working towards a common goal within the family business.

Some years later, I was given the responsibility of developing organizational effectiveness in very diverse and fast moving business environments. It was 19 years ago when I started my journey in HR management at Nespresso to fulfill its ambition of 30% annual growth. I learned that courage and thinking out of the box were going to be key to the successful implementation of my missions.
Today, I am a certified Coach and HR Consultant working with individuals and teams who aspire to succeed in today´s workplace and be their best both in their daily activities and for the people they lead. My work is all about change which can be a challenging territory. However, I see it as an opportunity to press the pause button and discern what new areas of development might serve. What about you? When did you last take the opportunity to press the pause button?

The services I provide: Career counseling, Coaching of individuals and teams on Management & Organizational effectiveness, Leadership Development and HR Consultancy.

Sworn Mediator (FSM) & Person of trust, Business Economist HES

Ivan Bichsel

I have built up my experience over 25 years with companies of all sizes, particularly in the insurance and banking industries. As a professional, I have had to deal with many people and their needs, and I have seen that conflicts and suffering arise mainly from poor communication with oneself or others. Yet, it is the key to our evolution. The goal is to re-establish it.

My life path and my many encounters have taught me that “Conflict is a chance! An opportunity to do better”, and have guided me towards a vocation that aligns with my personality traits, such as loyalty, empathy, openness and resilience, as well as with my values. I provide my clients with a framework of serenity, peace, relief and resolution. When peaceful conflict management becomes a value to be embraced, a shift occurs that allows solutions to emerge where the situation was more than frozen.

I use different approaches, both academic and instinctive. They are based on different relational techniques such as collective intelligence, mediation, non-violent communication and the five principles of active listening.

The services I offer: Person of trust for companies, Mediation, Training in peaceful conflict management, Change management.

Organizational Development and Business & Human Capital Alignment Consultant

Stéphanie Frémont

My areas of expertise are operational, organizational and resource management. I support companies in their organizational development projects and in meeting the challenges associated with their growth.
I have forged my experience over more than 25 years within Groups, SMEs and startups, mainly in the technology, healthcare and service sectors, actively contributing to their growth and development. I have been involved on numerous boards meetings, positioning myself at the heart of strategic execution, particularly in HR aspects.
This career path has enabled me to develop particular expertise in mapping the internal skills of organizations, enabling them to optimize their human capital.
I’m convinced that one of the key strategic lever for the future of companies lies in aligning their business needs and projects with available in-house skills.
Only a continuous process of skills management can alleviate problems such as misalignment, loss of efficiency, inertia, lack of productivity and high turnoverThe services I offer include skills and human capital assessment, as well as organizational and business development consulting.